(Black Slave Bilal’s History Parallels’ African-Americans History)

(Black Slave Bilal’s History Parallels’ African-Americans History)
By: Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

I remember hearing Caucasians the way they talked on the radio; they spoke as though there were no African-American citizens in this country. Now I’m hearing Bilalians, African-American people talk just as they talked: your black net­work; get your black afro comb two in a pack, three in a pack, four in a pack; get one to put in your side pocket, two to wear in your afro, and use one in the vest. Everything black; black this, black that.

We’ve become so black conscious, that we’re no longer conscious of ourselves as human beings. We treat each other so badly no feelings for each other; just the slightest little friction can make us kill each other. Dope pushers come among us and know we are trying to dignify our community; they know we’re trying to save ourselves from the influences of a long history of physical bondage in this country and we haven’t yet gotten free of it al­together, and they come and make the problems much worse by turning our community into a community of sleeping dope addicts.

Then you have the peddlers of inferior products, your own so-called brother. Even the word brother has been turned into a weapon that whips your conscience into submitting your pocketbook to a robber who calls himself brother. How can we go on like this? Why haven’t we studied color, physi­cal features in a rational scientific way? It’s be­cause we don’t have rational minds. We have emo­tional minds.

We’ve got the great majority of people in our community just all caught up in a kind of senti­mental racism and we can’t get them to support any sensible program or follow any sensible direc­tion because they don’t have intelligent life in them. They might be high school or college gradu­ates, but the great majority just don’t have any in­telligent life in them. They think the way to settle things is with empty rhetoric. Come out like mon­keys—trying to discharge energy so they can go back for another year and relax.

I was reading a science book that related how a certain breed of monkeys don’t fight each other physically, but once a year they confront each other. This is true. They form lines and the lines, or ranks, confront each other. . . . They just argue and act like they’ll kill each other until they get tired and they go on back and relax for another year.

That’s Nigger therapy. That won’t work. People know when they don’t have an excuse for what they’re doing. They’ll really try to make it look real until they’re met with something real. Then, they’ll begin to back off. We don’t know how to get serious before dealing with serious things. We will come up with an act in the battlefield . . . theatre drama in the battlefield! And when you run into the real Africanus—the one who fought Hannibal—when you run into the real Africanus with his cannon, “Hey man, they’re playing dirty-they’re serious.”

Perhaps you don’t think that way and your asso­ciates don’t think that way. You represent a small minority. The great majority of our people have become so primitive there is just no room in civi­lized Africa for them. African-Americans walking around with a bunch of afro combs, looking like garden rakes—sticking all out of their afros, their back pockets, and shirt pockets; that’s the new identity.

I know the nature of the Bilalian (African-American) people I’ve been raised as you’ve been raised, I’ve experienced the same kinds of things you’ve experienced—the history, that is. The kind of awful, bad and degrading things, and the nice things, that have been in the atmosphere.

For the last 40 years of my life, I have been pay­ing very good attention to them just as you have. I know your emotional make-up and your sentimental make-up, so excuse me if I make it a bit un comfortable for you sometimes. It’s not done t hurt anybody, it’s done to edge us on to more an more human dignity. We can never become a people satisfied with our self-image until we get the

Many of us think that we have that courage and that we are doing what is just and rational, but it’s far from being true. Most of us are moved by sentiments and emotions, and little rational sense.

I’m telling you, the biggest puzzle to me was understanding the nature of the Bilalian people or African American. As I said earlier, some of you don’t like the term Bilalian-it’s okay with me. If you like the term—”Afro-American” then we still can talk. But you know, even the term Afro-Amer­ican was a compromise.

Afro-American—why cut the word short? Be­cause the niggers weren’t ready to say “African.” They were afraid to identify with Africa. Marcus Garvey said, Afro-American; that’s cutting the word short. That’s like an Irish-American calling himself, “Ir-American.” The Irish American is not afraid to use the whole name—”Irish-American.”

And I’m telling you, until we get that same kind of respect, get rid of that old fear in us—an unnec­essary fear, an uncalled for fear in 1978. We have to get the courage and appreciation for reality, for truth to say, “African-American,” because that’s what we are. Now, I don’t like the term “African,” because the Caucasians gave the continent that name. I like the term “Bilalian.” What’s wrong with the term Bilalian?

I was on a radio program with a so-called black man. He had black skin, I can’t deny it. He asked me, “Do you think you’re going to get people to call themselves Bilalians?” I didn’t even answer. What in the heck does he think I’m spending all my time on it for? He asked, “Why can’t we call ourselves, Frederickians after Frederick Douglass?” I said, well, if you can get the people to accept that, I’ll join you in that. And then we’ll debate the value for us—the superiority of the term for us later. But, let’s make the decision right away. I’m tired of looking for a name—”I’m, I’m, I’m a . . .” politicians can’t hardly speak to us. Afraid to call us Negroes, afraid to call us colored folks, afraid to call some of us blacks.

We’re just a people all torn and separated from ourselves with old silly ideas of ourselves and shallow definitions that haven’t taken into account the history of the people, the culture and development of the people. We haven’t taken these things into account.

If we study the personality of the whole people, of the ethnic group, and study our development from the time we were brought here, connecting it with the history of where we were brought from originally, then we can come up with some terms. We can come up with some names that not only my ear can hear and accept, but the inner-ear-that my soul can hear and accept. And I’m telling you, as long as you’re coming up with shallow definitions that go no deeper than skin, you’re not going to satisfy the majority of us, and those who buy it will one day have to give it up for a term with deeper meaning and with a deeper history.

The following is from a document by Creative Age Press, Inc., New York. It states: Written from memory by Bilal Muhammed:

A Muslim slave of (Supelo) Island, Georgia Por­tions of the message by Abu-Muhammed Abdullah, Ibn Abi Zaid El Quiruwaani. A Standard Legal Work by a North-African Author included the end papers of slave songs of the Georgia Sea Island by Lidia Parrish, 1942, Creative Age Press, Inc., New York.

Bilal Muhammed was a Muslim slave on the (Su­pelo) Island plantation of Thomas Spaulding.

If he hadn’t been aware that he was a Muslim he would be known as Spaulding. Maybe George Spaulding, William Spaulding or Thomas Spaul­ding. Or maybe L. T. Spaulding, C. D. Spaulding. C. J. Spaulding. R. T. and L. T. Spaulding.

He practiced Islamic habits of prayer and diet. He spoke the West-African Fulani language as well as English and French. Four of his seven daughters were named: Fatima, after her mother, Yoruba, Medinah and Bintu. He was from Timbu, a city in Bambara Kingdom, and apparently he was a young law student at the time of his capture.

As famous as Bilal, the first muezzin of Prophet Muhammed—as famous as that man was in the history of Al-Islam. Don’t you know that there were many other Muslims of his hue who wanted his name. It’s inconceivable that some Bilalian mother, some African or black-skinned mothers didn’t name their babies Bilal. This is historical proof that they did. And also this is historical proof that among our slave ancestors there were Muslims.

Oh, go back—go back and study your history again. Go back to your black studies again.

Believers, Muslims, brothers and sisters, all peo­ple who embrace the healthy concepts that we em­brace—I’m not railing at you. I’m speaking to those so-called black people. I don’t care if they’re not here. I’m trying to torture those that are in the grave. I hope my voice would go down and strike the earth and disurb those that are in the grave who want to reject everything because their shal­low vision of things and their limited intelligence didn’t permit them to see the truth.

Bilal was an Ethiopian and he was made a slave by Arab people. And it was the Arab people who freed him. Isn’t that a beautiful parallel? We were made slaves by the Christians, Caucasians of the West—Europe and America. And it was the Chris­tian Caucasian who said, these people have to be freed. It was a heathen, idolatrous slave-master that held Bilal. But it was a dignified man con­verted from idolatry, a man by the name of Abu-Bakr, an Arab who became the first ruler after the passing of the Great Prophet, the Universal Pro­phet, Muhammed. May peace be upon him and all the righteous servants.

Abu-Bakr went and paid the slave-master who owned Bilal, the ransom money. He demanded a big price, more than what was ordinarily asked for slaves, but Abu-Bakr paid the price anyway, and bought the freedom of Bilal. Later, in the history, Bilal was sad and weeping. He didn’t want to stay around Mecca and Medina because those places reminded him of his beloved friend—his emanci­pator, Prophet Muhammed, the Prophet of Arabia sent to all the worlds.

Bilal told Abu-Bakr, “I can’t stay here any longer, I want to leave.” He decided that he was going to Syria—and you know, Syria is a country where the people are not of a dark hue. Their skins are not Kentucky-coal black. Their skin looks very much like Caucasian skin. In fact, by scientific description or definition they are called Caucasians—the Syrian people. But Bilal wanted to go there. And Bilal expressed this desire to Abu-Bakr who was the Khalifah (Ruler). When he paid the ransom to free Bilal, he wasn’t the ruler. He was just one paying to buy Bilal’s freedom; and now Abu-Bakr didn’t want to let Bilal go. Bilal put this question to him, he said:

“Have you freed me that I should be the servant of Allah, or have you freed me that I should be your servant?”

Oh, that’s prophetic, that’s prophetic. Isn’t that what we have been saying to the North now for more than 100 years since Abraham Lincoln, the Caucasian man who freed us from the physical slave grip of the South? Isn’t that what we have been saying to the northern American: Have you freed me that I should be your servant, or have you freed me that I can be free as all other human beings are free?

Study the history of Bilal, and if you don’t see a prophetic figure resembling us—the whole people —a figure speaking to our problems and to our beautiful destiny, that we are not free to be pos­sessed again by the one who freed us. We are free to go independently for ourselves as all other peo­ple are free to do. Bilal went to Syria, married there and he was buried there. The Syrians built a masjid there–a mausoleum for Bilal.

When the Syrian president and the Muslim community of Syria got the news that I had named our race Bilalians, they got busy to build a new masjid, a new mausoleum for Bilal.

I don’t care what religion I believed in—I don’t care if I believed in something so foreign to what we believe in that it made me look like I didn’t come from the same planet that the Muslims come from, knowing that we share one painful history, and one glorious rise from that history, and we share one enduring spirit—the spirit to endure in­human treatment, and yet stand up as human beings and tell the inhuman racist his shame.

A people reduced to inhuman existence for three centuries—rise up every time they are slain or crucified or lynched or shot down. Rise up the next morning and say: you should be ashamed of yourself you inhuman slave-master. You torturing racist. Oh, I’m telling you, that’s a thing to be proud of. We are a people that have been birthed in the fire-tempered in the fire and made rigid as a human being with a human spirit. And there is no diamond tool, there is no tool to break our rigidity. There is nothing to destroy our human form, be­cause G-d has tempered us and formed us never to be broken.

Dear beloved people, don’t you know this is the glory of our history? The great victory for us in our history is not in saying I’m black or that I must have freedom; the great victory for us is saying that “I’m still human.” After you’ve sent me through the mill that was designed to produce a monkey, a dog, a rat, I come out of the mill still in the human form. Allahu-Akbar (G-d is the Greatest).

We as a people were shut out of the environ­ment that is conducive to healthy human growth. Denied culture. Denied a civilized kind of encour­agement and inspiration. Denied the opportunity to sit in an environment of culturally uplifted peo­ple. They left us in the bad, poor, starved, ne­glected parts of the world shut off from the civiliz­ing and culturally inspiring kinds of things that other people have. This is our history. This is not the condition today. But this is what we have come through.

We haven’t been formed under the new day or by the new day. We are a people formed out of the old day. But in the new day, we don’t have to be reformed—not as people loving the human spirit. We still want to embrace human beings. Right now, we can embrace any man though he looks like the very one who tortured us or denied us freedom. We can embrace him if he proved to us that he is a human being and that he has no prob­lem embracing us. That’s the victory for us. We have not been reduced to animals though we have been put in a factory that produced animals.

If we want to make progress, we have to really look at our problems with sober eyes and use intel­ligence. We have to do some research. We have to make some scientific study. Why should I wait for this world or for the White House? We’ve come into the silly mind that the government is my daddy and my mamma. Any time I get a head­ache, I don’t go to my medicine cabinet, I ask the President, “How come you don’t have an aspirin? You know I’ve got a headache.”

So, we have been conditioned by our own igno­rance, our own ignorant habits, to look to the gov­ernment for everything. The government can’t do for us those very needed things that touch deep into our problems. We have to do those things our­selves. The government’s hands are tied. Not only the government, also the people in the private sector.

Dear beloved people, those Caucasians can’t come here and solve our problems. We have to solve these problems. They would be embarrassed. They are people who have intelligence and a knowledge of history, the knowledge of human de­velopment, the development of society in history. They know the first thing that has to be done is to take the emphasis, the focus off blackness and put it on ethnic development and human develop­ment. They know that’s what has to be done.

But how can they come in here in all of this blackness and say the problem is that we have been in blackness a little too long. That’s the first measure. It’s time to go into the next measure. They can’t tell us that. We’ll say, “Honky, you don’t come here and tell us what to do with our blackness.”

“You congressmen, you’ve got to get with us—we’re going on to the White House. We’re going to demand that they make a law—we’re going to demand that nobody other than us tamper with our blackness.” They can’t do the job. We have to do it ourselves.

Dear beloved people, we should be very, very proud. We are a community that has come through the fiery furnace and we’re still standing whole. The Bible says that the oppressive kingdom put the Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, and they thought that they had burned them up. It says that when they went to look and opened the door to take the ashes out, they found three Hebrew boys standing as though they were untouched by the fire. We have something now that we can boast of equal to that.

We, for three hundred years, were put into the fiery furnace of slavery of the worst type in the history of humanity. And then were left to almost a hundred years of Jim Crowism that almost shames that 300 years of slavery. The furnace door is opened and here is Dr. King in a white shirt and tie, appealing to the intelligence, to the moral dignity of the oppressive rulers of the society.

I’m telling you, don’t go in the Bible looking for anybody to idolize—don’t go in there looking for some great people. The great people are here. It’s me and you, we are the great people. I can’t find any people in the Bible, I don’t find any people in scripture who have sunk as deep as we have in so­ciety, in civilization, in education, in every respect, and have broken the clogs, come up through the dirt, toppled the tree stall, come up like a bad monster—not looking like one, but looking like an intelligent dignified human being. I don’t find it in history. I don’t find it in scripture.

Now, I know the Jews suffered a lot, but I don’t think they should even mention their suffering in our presence unless they’re saying: “You people understand, so maybe you can help us out a little bit.”

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Sodom & Gomorrah Destroyed by Brimstone and Fire

Sodom & Gomorrah Destroyed by Brimstone and Fire – Connected to The Sexual Urge: The Possibilities for Human Nature
By: Imam W Deen Mohammed

The Sacred Qur’an
86:6. Man was created of a gushing fluid,
86:7. Emanating from between the loins and the ribs.

Forty Hadith #25
“…and in a man’s intimate relations with his wife is charity.”

The Sacred Qur’an
11:82. When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer,-

The Holy Bible
Genesis 19:24. Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;

Now, sexual intercourse what is sexual intercourse? An urge. You have the urge, then you go and you make urges ‑ ‘Uh Uh Uh! That’s urges. ‘Uh Uh Uh Uh!’ Right? Urges. Under the urge what happens? Spontaneous bursts, right? The burst is spontaneous, you don’t know when it’s going to burst, right, it’s spontaneous. And from the first spontaneous burst what happens? It rests itself in the dark, right? It rests itself in the dark and becomes a clot. Goes from water to blood, right? Goes from water to blood, after it rests. “But those of them who did wrong changed the word which had been told them for.”

Now, in order to understand fire and brimstone, we have to know what concepts were in the minds of the man when he said G-d is telling you this through this concept. After all the concepts are ours taken from that kind of reality or his external world, right?

So where is this expression now, where is this concept? In the external world. We know, by me being a welder I used to have to make … take lead, heat lead and pour the skimming off, skim off the impurities and use the pure lead for what you want. So that’s the brim. The impurities on top of the brim. Now when you make the metals, refined metals, especially in a mold, on the top, the mold when it cools it makes a brim. And all the time it doesn’t gel or solidify all over, it just solidifies around the edges. So what you have is a brim. And if you take that brim up, you’ve got like the brim of a hat. Right ‑ you’ve got like the brim of a hat. That’s called brimstone ‑ that’s ancient terms for that, brimstone, that’s what they called it. It means the impurities, the brimstone, and the impurities. That’s why right now; they frown on people that wear hats like I wore. But I don’t go for the symbolism; I have a nice hat I wear it and I don’t care what they’re thinking. I don’t get into that symbolism. I’m free! A hat is a hat to me not a meaning!

So it says, “We will rain brimstone down on you…” Now, where does man get this first … where is this concept now raining brimstone down on you’? We know the blacksmith or the sheet metal workers don’t have brimstone raining down on them. Where is that concept? In the mountain, the volcano.

The volcano heat down there developed the urge ‑ urge and developing urge, right? And it comes time, it just gets so much pressure down there and it can’t stay down there anymore and it breaks through the earth. And it comes up through the mountain, right? It comes up through the mountain, and when it comes up it just explodes like Mt. Helen.

Mt. Helen is a play on hell. They have the symbol of the 60’s the hell that broke loose in the 60’s. In their schools, believe me, in their secret schools and I haven’t talked to none of them, haven’t heard a word they say.

But didn’t G-d say He make a teacher as a witness? So we didn’t have to go to be a witness! So the mountain blows its top, right? It blows its top, the top is knocked off.

Now that isn’t brim, it blew its top first that’s Peter, blows his top first, he blew his top. And then he’s G-d’s man, he’s supposed to be the next G-d, he inherited Jesus’ office he’s G-d. So he blew his top now this is my own description now. He blew his top. Now after blowing his top, what happens?
The mountain is up in the cool regions it’s going to cool, right, they don’t stay hot, it’s going to cool and when it cools … they say, “Until hell freezes over…” So when it cools what happens? Now we have brim! Before we didn’t have brim. If that was the first time they had an explosion from that earth, then it wasn’t no brim at first, it was just the top of the mountain that was the natural stone that they naturally formed. Okay, but once we have a volcano, once we have an explosion come up through the mountain.
Why does it have a tendency to come up through the mountain rather than other places? Because at the mountain’s point is a greatest pressure. Government is where you find people under the greatest pressure. So at the mountain’s point is the greatest pressure I’m showing you where these things are scientifically related ‑ the mountain is the greatest pressure because the greatest weight the earth is mounted up the highest there, it’s hoarded there. So that’s where the greatest pressure is. So the inside urge rebels against that, the natural urge. It rebels against it and fire shoots up ‑ anger, resentment. “BBOOOOMM!” But when it happens it blows the top. See this is not the way G-d brings it, this is the way it comes in the society, the national society on the 15th of March “BBOOOOMM!” And it blows the top off, right. It blows the top and then settles and cools after a while. After it lets off its steam, it lets off its pressure, it settles and cools and a brim comes over it, the molten rock forms a brim.

Now, the brim is not the original form, is it? It’s impure, isn’t it? It’s mostly impurities that have rested up there on top of the liquid fire. The impurities have settled like they do in metal works. Now, instead of the natural cap being on there, it’s called head too. Look up the word cap and it means head. Instead of the natural cap being on there, now it’s the head of impurities. We say when liquid forms something on top; we say it came to a head, right? The head of the beer, the beer foam that’s the head of the beer.
So you can understand what it means by cap. So it blew the cap off. And blowing the cap off now what falls down in the valley? Impurities. What did the earth throw up? Purities. The first time it threw up it threw up purities. But the second time it throws up because the impurities solidify when they cool on the top of the head of the mountain, the next time it throws up it throws out impurities, right? Yes.
So Jesus Christ, the urge, purity. Now don’t think this isn’t in Mythology what I’m telling you. This is in Greek Mythology. In Greek Mythology, Perseus is synonymous with [Christ] urge ‑ Perseus, persevere, Perseus. The way that Perseus came into his great role, something had to happen in this particular connection. The horse upon which he rode was on the mountain. And he clicked his heels on the mountain and made fire. And when he made fire, he took off in the air as a flying horse. That was Perseus’ horse that gave him the traveling superiority over his contenders, right?

So look, when the fire and brimstone you’re going to read that in Bible, you’re going to read that in Quran. “And He rained fire and brimstone on them…” Well you should go to the Imam. If G-d has blessed your Imam to know then all know, shouldn’t they? We should be able to teach it so we can get the respect we deserve.

So it says, “He rained upon them fire and brimstone…” So the fire and brimstone then is the second urge.

The first urge … what did Jesus say? Jesus said, “I was before the world…”, isn’t that what he said? He was before the world. So that means the original urge, the innate urge which is before the world of man’s [feelings). The innate urge was here before man’s learning, that’s all it means. Learning is the world; innate urge is the urge in the intellect before the learning process.

So he said, “I was before the world…” So understand that the first was the burst ‑ burst of intellect. So you have the rain of fire and brimstone after the first explosion. The first explosion rains down what was on top of the mountain, right? Whatever’s up there blows off and brings it down here. Then it pours out the pure, purity, not impure, it pours out the purity of the mountain. After the purities come out and settle, it shows you the impurity, it reveals or shows you the impurities, right?

Now when the fire and brimstone comes down, that’s to tell you that what is coming down is not the original form, the natural form of the mountain; what is coming down is impurity. And the brimstones hit you, meaning striking you, it means the impurities striking your mind.

The earth is symbolic also of your mind. It falls off the mountain on your mind, gold mine, and coalmines, all in the earth. That’s to tell you that earth is also symbolic of mind. So the impurities fall upon the mind right? Then the torturing things, even the purities torture, right? That’s where they get the idea that purity shall torture them. Yes.

When you have corrupt ideas, purity burns you. See when corruption is thrown out with purity, then the purity burns! Yes. And the impurities, they just deform, right, they deform. But the purities burn and deform both ‑ the fire, pardon me, burns and deforms; while the impurities won’t burn but they will deform when they are cool, when they are set like brimstone.
So this is what it means, it means that the urge in man to know becomes akin to the spirit of permissiveness in him. When the spirit becomes one of freewill in the sense of carefree, carefree thoughts, carefree attitudes, where you don’t care about nobody, you don’t care; you just selfishly pursue these things.

So the urge in you, this creative urge in you, or this mission, powerful mission in you, it throws out then – not that that will help the earth, because we know also that, what? Precious metals are revealed from volcanoes. Maybe learn about the nature, the composition of the earth, right? All of this science caused from the volcano, you see? And when it cools he goes back to it and he gets a wealth of knowledge, right?

But if fire and brimstone hit you, it means you won’t get the treasures. The treasures are not hitting you; it’s only the fire. You’re getting the running form, the explosive form. And what you’ re getting as solid is not the real rock and, you’re getting the cap; for when it blows the next time, it doesn’t blow rocks off, it blows and that’s impurity. It blows the impure cap off. So what you get is the impurities not the rock up there. Maybe that’s precious rock up there, you see. But you don’t get that, you get the brimstone, the impurities and you get the punishment of the purities, the fire.

So if we understand this brother, it’s talking about the possibilities for human nature, isn’t it? That’s all it’s talking about, the possibilities for human nature. If your nature and your attitude are formed rightly, then you get the good results of the possibilities in your human nature. But when your attitudes are formed wrongly, you get the bad results of this; it is destruction, torment, deformed.

So that should be clear. So you know what happens now when we change the word. The word of G-d is to keep us in touch with the reality, keep us from being selfish, keep us from being self-seeking, keep us from thinking of ourselves as divines. The word of G-d is to keep us in touch with the universal scheme, the universal theme, the universal Will! G-d’s Will is expressed in the universe, you see? That’s what it’s for. And as long as we stay with the Word, we’re safe. But once we go from the Word and take something that’s other than the Word or take the Word out of its place, then we are subject to be punished by brimstone.

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The Seven Heavens; The Seven Seals Are Broken

The Seven Heavens; The Seven Seals Are Broken
By: Imam W Deen Mohammed (raa)

Muhammed ((puh)) gave us this picture. He said that he was lifted up from the earth, from where? The Kabah. He was in Mecca at the House and G_d lifted him up from the Kabah, up into the higher regions of the world, or of the atmosphere, or the sky. And as he was lifted up he saw on one level Adam, which means that Adam is in paradise. He is not on earth. In Muhammed’s vision, or travel while he was in this state, he saw Adam on a level above the reality that we know.

He was lifted up still higher to a second level and he saw Jesus Christ and John, peace be upon the Prophets. And he was lifted to a third level and he saw Joseph, Yusuf; and to a fourth level where he saw Idris. He was lifted up to a fifth level and he saw Aaron and to the sixth level and he saw Moses. He was lifted up to the seventh level, the one that the Bible scripture says is in the highest heaven. Seven is the highest heaven. He comes to that highest heaven and he greeted the first level, Adam, saying, “My father”, and he greeted all other levels until he reached Abraham, saying to the Prophets, “My brother.” And on the highest level, Abraham’s level, he said, “My father, Ibraheem.”

G_d took him in that travel upward through seven levels and carried him across, horizontally. That is why it is a lifting up and a travel, both. It took him by way of travel to the farthest Mosque in Jerusalem to the spot that represents the kingdom, the great achievement in governmental for the people of the Book in civilization and in government. He comes from that experience and what is the next big event in his life? The migration from Mecca to Medina and what was that for? What did that open up? The establishment of the community that Allah (swt) wanted him to establish for the new people of scripture, the Muslims. He established the ummah in Medinah, so what is this telling us? That G_d showed him the seven heavens and completed his vision, and took him to the place where the people of the Book achieved their greatest accomplishment that was made there, where the kingdom of Solomon was, the son of David, peace upon them.

With that experience that gave him great knowledge and insight, he was able to go to Medina and they had invited him there because he was persecuted in Mecca. They said, “Come here, we welcome your people.” So he went there and he began the building of the ummah and in less than eleven years he had achieved the success. He had, established the ummah in Arabia. The whole of Arabia had come under Al Islam and he had also begun to reach distant places with the message of Al Islam, Africa, Persia, even European people.

Prophet Muhammed represents the last elevation in the ascent of all human beings

This is our last Prophet ((puh)) who represents the last elevation in our ascent, in every human being’s ascent. When we impregnate our wives science says thousands of germs of sperm that could possibly be sons and daughters go out, but only one or two manages to mature and come to us as a new child or twins. Look how many persons our population is. We have over 5 billion on earth and it is like a big burst of germs. I doubt if you can find five who are fit to lead all of us in scripture. I don’t mean that they are dirty. They just do not have the knowledge.

Qur’an 2.78; The Book they know not but only conjecture

“And there are among them illiterates who know not the Book but (see therein their own) desires and they do nothing but conjecture.”

Amos 8.11; Famine of hearing word of G-d

“Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a. thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:”

They can preach ethics to you but they don’t have the key. They can give you faith and they can educate you in the world but they can’t turn the light on to the meaning of heaven, hell, man’s origin, man’s purpose in this world. This is not my position. Scripture says, “Most of them do not know the book except by faith”; and again, “except by conjecture”, except by “Yathunna,” opinion. They have their opinion. Don’t you know if they really had what you are getting they could unite themselves? If one Christian leader on this earth had what I’m giving you he could unite the rest of the churches and Christians.

Muslims left the guidance

You might ask, “Why don’t you unite the Mosques?” They are not worthy of it. That is why Allah (swt) is not causing them to see what is happening here among you. They have failed and have proven to be unworthy of what you are getting. So Allah (swt) is going to make it happen and when it has happened in a big way, then Allah (swt) will let them see it. They are going to see it in time but they are not going to have any part in its construction or in its making, because they failed. And they did not fail because they did not have guidance. They failed because they left guidance for their own interests.

The Bible says there was darkness all over the world and a famine all over the world. It says it was not a famine of food or the absence of food. It was a famine of hearing the words of the Lord, all over the world. What happened? A man comes by the Book and tries to read it and he can’t read it. So he says, “I’m going take this Book to someone to see if they can read this to me”. He takes the Book and he finds someone and he says, “Read this to me” and this person looks at the Book and says, “I can’t read. I’m not a man of letters”, meaning, “I have not been educated. I can’t read it”. So he goes on and keeps going and he finally takes it to another man and the second man says in words, “I can read letters, but I can’t read this because it is sealed”. That means it’s locked up against my attempt to read it. It locks out the reader. That is the way that story ends.

Now here comes the revelation to Muhammed ((puh)) and the first word of G_d to him is, “Read!” How is it that their scholars, their leaders, don’t make connections with this? Because they are afraid of the Bible. They are afraid that if they read the Bible, they will be converted to Christianity. They fear reading the Bible because it might break their faith. So, they don’t read the Bible. Ahmed Deedat read the Bible in South Africa, but he never came upon that. I don’t know how he missed it because that is powerful evidence that Muhammed ((puh)) is the prophesied one in the scriptures of the people of the Book.

Revelations 5.6,7,9; A lamb broke the seven seals

[6] And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. [7] And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne.[9] And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

WD Mohammed has broken the seals

It says, finally, in the New Testament, not in the Old Testament, the little lamb reached up and he took the Book and broke the seven seals. It was sealed but he broke the seven seals. They say that is Jesus Christ. He was the one who broke the seven seals. Maybe so. He might have broken the seven seals but not much came out, except the moon. It took Muhammed ((puh)) to bring us into the full light of day. It was Muhammed ((puh)) who brought the world into the full light of day; and it is the same spirit that Allah (swt) blessed Muhammed (puh) with that has come to the son of Elijah Muhammed by way of His word in the Qur’an and by His communication that He has in everything that He made. He has fed my soul from everything that He made. And the son of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed has broken the seals.

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The Oneness of G-d: Tawheed

Tawheed: Unification. The Oneness of G-d

John J Nashid                       6/11/14


With G-d’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

Surah 112. The Unity, Sincerity, Oneness of Allah

1. Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;

2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

3. He begets not, nor is He begotten;

4. And there is none like unto Him.


Allah is one, He has no partners nor is anything in creation associated with Him.

Anyone who associates themselves or someone else with Allah (G-d) have created a grave sin; called shirk or the association or connection of partners with Allah.

To say that:” Allah appeared in the person of a human being, who would become the savior or deliverer of mankind on Earth”, especially in this day and time of enlightenment is truly a statement of open shirk. All who come to Allah comes only as servants.

Anyone who calls themselves a Muslim, especially a knowledgeable Muslim who implies or gives support to the idea of shirk, for whatever reason is in a state of hypocrisy and have sold their soul for the benefit of the world.

When Allah (G-d) decree a matter, He says to it: “Be,” and it is. (Kun fayakun)    HQ, 2:117

Islam means, submission to G-d, perceiving G-d correctly; “no god but G-d”


Holy Qur’an, Surah 39:

61. But Allah will deliver the righteous to their place of salvation: no evil shall touch them, nor shall they grieve.

62. Allah is the Creator of all things, and He is the Guardian and Disposer of all affairs.

63. To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth: and those who reject the Signs of Allah, it is they who will be in loss.

64. Say: “Is it someone other than Allah that you order me to worship, O you ignorant ones?”

65. But it has already been revealed to you, as it was to those before you, “If thou were to join (gods with Allah (G-d), truly fruitless will be your work (in life), and you will surely be in the ranks of those who lose (all spiritual good)”.                                                                                                                                                    66. Nay, but worship Allah, and be of those who give thanks.                                                         

Holy Qur’an is The Word of Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan.

G-d is Bigger!

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The Military Industrial Complex

The Military Industrial Complex: “Create an enemy; any enemy it doesn’t matter, use the media to beat the war drums around the world, lobby or pay off Congress if they can for their support, use the CIA to create the conditions for war; real or imaginary, write a war speech for the President to read publicly , allocate a war budget, use all of the resources at hand to sell the idea to our sleeping public, manufacture and sell military hardware and supplies to both sides, raise the taxes, send our boys and girls abroad to fight for the intrest of profiteers and after counting “body bags”  they count their money all the way to their banks and give inexspensive war medals to those who died in the honor of their self-intrest.”                                                                                                                                           War today has become more of a business than anything elese. To all of the war vets, those here at home and those abroad who fought for their countries also with the intent of defending their homeland, we honor you with the highest honor, and for the makers of unjust wars, those who knowingly send our men and women in harms way for their intrest, May God Have Mercy On Your Soul.

“Fight in the cause of God those who fight you”

Holy Qur’an   2:190-194…. Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loves not transgressors. And kill them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out; for persecution and oppression are worse than slaughter; but fight them not at the Sacred Mosque, unless they (first) fight you there; but if they fight you, kill them. Such is the reward of those who reject faith. But if they cease, God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God; but if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression. The prohibited month, for the prohibited month, and so for all things prohibited, there is the law of equality. If then any one transgresses the prohibition against you, transgress ye likewise against him. But fear (the punishment of) God, and know that God is with those who restrain themselves.

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“Nothing Can Ever Break Us” Pres. Obama

“Nothing Can Ever Break Us” Pres. Obama…..That’s a very bold statement coming from a man, everything created can be broken if it be G-d’s will. America’s success or failure is in the hands of G-d alone. Let us pray for the success of America and justice and equality for all.

America’s pledge: One Nation under God:………..”I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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Proper Education: The Reality of G-d

Proper Education: The Reality of G-d (With G-d’s Name)
John Nashid

Why was the civil rights movement towards integration so important at that time in our history? A history of inequality on every level in America, a time when “Blacks” were considered to be inferior servants who lost the knowledge of themselves, family and culture, their home land and the movement was calling for integration with their oppressors, this was hard for me to understand then as well as now. Integration or the mixing of races in a normal situation is a good thing, that’s how G-d created us, as one human family, to learn to know and love one another not to despise one another. This is good when every one have been elevated to the same playing field, the same dignity, the same respect as humans.
One of the biggest problems “Black” people are experiencing today is the lack of self worth, brought on by lack of proper education, an education designed for the leadership of “master” and the servant, to serve the “master”. To any other free-minded people this is a bit strange, the question they would more that likely ask is, why didn’t these poor, uneducated, self hating, freed slaves try to first find a way to education themselves, unify themselves, pool their resources to benefit themselves and establish a New Africa community in America, self governed to benefit a broken people. I do believe that if we has tried hard to establish ourselves G-d would have given us help, not in the educational system, not from the Bible of which we didn’t understand as a book to set us free but a book that was taught to us to give us a since of inferiority: the Black Ham in the Bible, serving the children of a white man god, but G-d would return to us The Book that would set us free; The Holy Qur’an. the book that guided our lives in our mother land where we lived the life of the Qur’an in Africa before we were stolen and sold into misery. The Holy Qur’an is a universal book from the One G-d for the benefit of all mankind, a book of freedom, justice and equality for all, a book to give true guidance to human life. The government have failed, religion have failed, public education have failed to establish proper education to respect the oneness of G-d’s total human creation. After all have failed I suggest giving G-d’s word,The Holy Qur’an a chance. G-d says in Qur’an: “This is The Book in it is guidance sure without doubt to those who are regard-full of G-d. Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the line of Prophets from Prophet Adam, a model human being who lived the life of G-d’s word on earth, a model for all to emulate. Proper education (reality) is a requirement for all human beings. “Think, for thinking benefits the thinker”. Today G-d has given us the Holy Qur’an in America, “READ”.



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“NOAH”-Understanding the Symbolism

(If you have seen the movie “Noah”, understand the symbolism.)

“Noah” – Understanding the Symbolism (Circumcising the Mind)

By Imam W.D. Mohammed

The Bible says, “That as it was in the day of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” Now we are always interpreting scripture. Those people in that day, they were interpreting and we have been interpreting until now. A preacher right now, somewhere on this earth, his is trying to interpret that. Right now!
…G-d also says, He would never destroy the whole world again, with a flood. Is that right? Yes. Jesus didn’t come with a flood, according to the scripture. John says the one who comes after me will baptize you in fire; in fire. The one who comes after me will baptize you in fire. But Jesus himself accepted to be baptized in the water of John the Baptist. Is that right?
Now let us go to the Qur’an again. John the Baptist before he was born, a sign was given, and I believe the sign that was given was that no word was to be spoken, except in signs. No plain language was to be given. Only signs. Ilaa raamza which means except with a symbol. Symbolic, allegorical, parable, symbolic parable, but not hitting directly to the meaning. Using signs that was the sign of his birth. Right?
So what does John the Baptist represent? Clouds! Why Jesus had to come? Because G-d doesn’t want clouds, He wants sunshine, and moonlight. He wants our common life to be lit up with understanding, and He wants our spiritual questions to be answered. But Jesus couldn’t come except out of the clouds. So he had to come out of the water of John the Baptist, which represents clouds. But clouds that John the Baptist had condensed. For John the Baptist, they were no more blocking the light. He had condensed some of those clouds and had water, and that water was holy water!
Because he had extracted it from the clouds of mystery, and the clouds of symbols that darkened the sky, that keep the light of truth from coming to us. John the Baptist, he got some of the essence of it, and they called his group the Essences. He was blessed with some of the essence of those symbols.
He didn’t have enough knowledge to do the job, but he knew the time was out for those that were doing the job! He said repent! The time is at hand. Is that right? Oh yes. You’re going to get your first circumcision today, insha Allah, that is G-d willing.
The sign that Jesus was the one was the dove that came down and lighted on his shoulder. And it says in the scripture, and the world shall be upon his shoulder. Now if you want to understand what kind of world it is, go back to the symbol the dove.
The dove is a loving animal. He’s like the love bird. He’s full of love. And this dove was a white dove. Purity and love shall be on Christ’s shoulder. Purity and love shall be on Christ’s shoulder to establish that in the world. But he shall baptize the world with fire. What is the good meaning now? We know according to the principles of interpretation used by Jews, Christians and Muslims, that every verse has an explicit and implicit application. Not only the verses of revelation, but Prophet Muhammad the peace and blessings be upon him, said even his Hadith, even his own sayings, had an understood meaning and a hidden meaning.
Now let us see. I’m almost about ready to shout now. The wound is healing up.
He said, John the Baptist said, that is, “The one coming after me will baptize you in fire.” Among the learned people in the Church, what is the common meaning? What is the express meaning? It means that he will baptize them in human passions. He is going to set afire the human passions. Passions of love for each other. The world shall be made hot with the fire of human passions, the fire of love.
What satan shows, is that which should be hid. What he hides is what should be shown.
Jesus didn’t come to excite nobody’s passions and set the world afire with passions. That’s satan’s story.
Jesus came to light the world with understanding on the mysteries of life. The mystery of human life and the mystery of revelation. He came to shine the light so that the world would understand that. But satan took it and changed his fire from heavenly fire to earthly fire and made him a sign of passion.
And they say that he came of blood and water, and they interpret it, passion and spirit. Passion and spirit. No. That is the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ come exciting passion and spirit with no understanding. He deny the world understanding and just blow with the bellow the fires of their passions and their superstition.
Study the Bible. Superstition comes heavy in the New Testament. Superstition is light in the Old Testament. There is a Prophet, I believe, Samuel, I believe. The witch called him up from his grave to speak with her concerning trouble that Saul had. Saul, Saul, Old Testament Saul. King Saul.
But look at the New Testament. It gets real heavy with superstition. Spookism. People having fits and falling out. Seeing demons and demons coming out of them. It turns into an exodus with the split pea soup and everything. Not exodus. Exorcist. An exorcist. And an exodus too. Exit you clean on out of reality.
The New Testament gives that exorcist kind of spookism. One person didn’t come up with all their money for the tithe. What they call it the tithe? The bucket. And it was revealed that they had hid some of it. They didn’t bring it all. The earth that they were on started shaking. Earth started shaking. All kind of weird things started happening.
When the waters of the great flood had subsided, the boat rested and according to the scripture, Noah waited until the wind had finished driving the waters back to their places. Then he came out with his company, his children and his animals, is that right? And re-populated the world.
The sign that the world was ready to be re-populated was the dove. That right? The dove returned. The dove was not killed, the dove was saved. That was a sign that the world was ready to be re-populated. The sign of the dove alighting on Jesus’ shoulder is a sign that this same scheme is in the process again. Same scheme. What is the scheme?
Noah was laughed at by one of his sons. Why? Because he said he saw him in his nakedness and his drunkenness and he laughed at him. Is that right?
Ok, if Noah was naked and drunk, what does that tell us? He had no culture. Naked means without culture. I am not going to argue with you. I don’t have the time. I’ve got too much symbolism to work on. Nakedness means without culture. Drunk means, with an exaggerated, overdone spiritualism. Superstition makes us drunk, spiritually drunk.
Superstitious people are spiritually drunk people. So it means that the society the world started from, its very primitive level, had to go back to it very primitive levelsuperstition and no culture.
That is all that it means. And it started back again. The dove coming down on Jesus’ shoulder, what is this telling us? That satan is going to regress the world. He is going to retard the world. He is going to bring the civilize nations back again to primitive superstition, and the world is going to be naked of civilize culture. This is not the Christ you see coming in the New Testament. The real Christ is hid. The Anti-Christ is given to you boldly and you can’t see that damn devil because they have put something between your vision.
“Oh I love Jesus.” You don’t know Jesus. And is that in the Scripture? Yes it is. It says, “I was in the world and the world knew me not.” It didn’t say to, except Peter. It says, “I was in the world and the world knew me not.” It didn’t say, “Except my followers.” It didn’t say except Paul or John or any of the rest.
And forget about the latter book, the one that replace Jesus with James, and replace and replace big John with a small John. They are sons of piss. And you understood me. I said, sons of piss. Urine. “Oh man, you have a terrible mouth.”
Well let me tell you what the Bible says. “There sets a degenerated people on the wall of their cities, eating dung mixed with barley cake and drinking their own piss,” and I gave it to you as the Bible gives it. So if I sound obscene to you, go read your obscene pornographic scripture again.
And preacher, if you insist, I will take you to the Bible and show you in the Bible that James and John are the sons of piss. I didn’t say it, but the Bible says it. But it is said so boldly that you can’t see it.
Let us look at the eighth day. All of us have been taught that this world is on time. And that the world is to last seven thousand years and no longer. Isn’t that what the church taught us? Yes. So what is the eighth day?
The eighth day is the beginning of a new world, not a new earth in the physical sense, but a new heaven and earth in the spiritual sense or in the religious sense. We are told that, that will come and that, that comes on the eighth day.
We are also told that there was a certain descendant of Adam who was so great, so righteous and so great, so blessed by G-d that his light was lit for eight days. The candle, the light or whatever kind of light it was stayed lit for eight days, which means he outlived, he lived through the trials and tribulations, the secrecy and the wickedness of the scheme of the Jahcubites to see the beginning of the new world order. We are also told the Jesus himself was circumcised. Circumcised on the eighth day. On the eight day.
Why does Jesus have to be circumcised? Well we might ask the earlier question, why does he have to be baptized? The Bible says he also was sanctified. So why was he sanctified, baptized, circumcised? Why did god have to have all of this done to him when he was born, conceived and born immaculately?
He was supposed to have been born without our human infirmities, without our human imperfections. He was supposed to have been born a perfect being. Why does a perfect being have to have a circumcision and then a baptism and then a sanctifying? This is not an individual that the Bible is taking about. It’s the whole human family that the Bible is talking about. The Book says, both books, that Jesus is a sign. He is a sign. And we’ve been thinking that that was an individual.
And many of us now hear this crap on the TV about the finding of some shroud. Shroud yea. It’s a shroud alright. You ever heard, “It is shrouded in mystery?” You ever hear that expression. Well that’s the shroud they’re talking about. Got people going to Turin, I think the city is called. Spending their money, enriching that little town and its communist mayor because they are ignorant. The devil has the foreskin pulled over their eyes.
Let us go to something that may seem to you like a complete deviation from our course. They put out a movie called “The Mummy and the Mummy’s Tomb.” And that Mummy was brought back to life by the aroma from a certain kind of leaf, mystic leaves. It was possible to revive him after thousands of years of being dead, bring him back animated, walking around on earth without his mummy wraps. And the New Testament says that a sign that Jesus had rose was that the wrap was taken off his head. And they saw the wrap laying down so they knew that he had got up and gone. Well that is a little bit for the mummy, and we’ll go on now to something else.
So to understand the new generation or the new world that is going to be built by this so-called Christ, let us again go to the Noah story and his boat filled with animals, two and two. Every animal had its mate. And right away, the untrained reader he thinks that, yes he had to have his mate in order to continue his species.” So the lion had his lioness. The dog his mate. The cow his mate, every animal. Can you imagine a boat?
Now mind you, science says that the species have been decreasing. The species have been diminishing. There were more species before than now. The animal kingdom is dying and the human kingdom is flourishing. I wonder what size boat that man was, not the size they say in the book. His boat must have been made in the universe. There wouldn’t be no space for all those animals. What kind of boat? The whole sea would have to taken by his boat. Right. Yes! If he got an animal and a mate from all of the animals on the earth, I don’t know how they could be held in that boat. And I wonder what kind of cleaning method he had? We get a little bird and we have a fit sometime.
No, this story is telling us this, that this new scheme would be designed to fire up passions. What kind of passions? Sex passions. That’s why the mates are given, male and female to let you know that this was a passionate, sexual passions, sexual fires that are going to be built up. Every animal with his female mate. You can imagine what kind of orgy they had on the boat. Bad weather and an orgasmic trip I’m telling you. And that’s exactly the trip you have been on.
Look what this Western world has come too. Everything is sex. Sex, sex, sex, sex has become such a strong influence in the lives of the people that the wife now doesn’t care if the husband plays on her. She accepts it. The average wife now accepts that her husband plays on her. In fact some of them say, let’s make a duo, a trio, a quattro, they don’t care, an octo. Have reduced you to your base instincts. Have reduced your intelligence to the very base instincts. Brought you down lower than the animal. You are not a free animal, you’re an animal in an ark with black pitch sealing out nature so your nature can’t even come into the ark.
The water is your human nature. And they didn’t want any human nature coming into that ark. They didn’t want any knowledge of nature coming into that ark so they sealed it with black pitch to keep out the water. It was a dry trip. Nothing but fire of base animal passion.
Can’t you see that what they told you in the Book was only their blueprint for what they were going to bring you to? And you read of it thinking that it was something that happened yesterday, and it was a plan for today.
They say, “Oh, they found a boat. That’s Noah’s boat on Mt. Ararat.” That stinking skunk. He’ll go and make one and work on it like he worked on the shroud, treat it with chemical and make it look old and find it and bring it to you and say, “This is Noah’s boat that we discovered.” Run that bastard off the planet!



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A minum wage of $7.25 for America’s working poor is a disgrace on big rich America and $10.10 is not much better. If you must impose sanctions, why not impose sanctions on America’s wealthy to aid our striving poor and so-called middle class, then maybe someone will take you serious about what you represent as a leader to Americans. Today, your mind is a 1000 miles away from your immediate responsibilty.Who do you serve, who do you represent?

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Paul Ryan: “A tailspin of culture” inner-city men

Paul Ryan’s statement about “A tailspin of culture” in our inner-cities; men not working and producting generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of work”, are real……. but let’s be very clear, “you can never raise a slave in his slave masters house”, it don’t work, he must be free.What do you expect ? The conditions for the slaves livelyhood is always dictated by the master or the masters children, the master will never create compitition for himself. What the Black; African American man needs most is a new focus, a new vision, a New Mind, a new way of thinking to benefit himself and family within America society, not hand-outs and pre-determined conditions. The most dignified man is a free man who provides for his own family and his community in the most honorable way and puts his complete trust in God alone, not man.

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