Muslim American Bean Soup

 Muslim American Bean Soup:

2 Cups of navy beans (1Lb.)                               

4 med. onions                 3 stems celery         1 T. tumeric                                                      

 2 green peppers           1/3 C. veg. oil           1 T. sage                                                        

  3 carrots                       1 T. honey                 1/2 can tomato paste                       

  salt and pepper            1/2 t. cayenne pepper (optional)

Pick, wash and soak beans overnight, rinse well. Place all ingredients in a med. size pot and cover with water. Cook at moderate flame until beans are soft to the touch. Stir constantly to avoid sticking and add boiling water if needed.

When the beans are done; * Blend beans in an electric blender, blending dose not remove the hull(skin), * Or strain beans through a food strainer, straining removes the hull (skin), * Or eat them as they are. All are delicious and good for you.

For an added treat, serve with raw chopped onions and top with grated chesse. This dish goes well with toasted whole wheat bread and butter. Enjoy!

Muslim bean soup is a staple food for Muslims in the Nation of Islam and was introduced to the African American community during the depression years as a cheap, wholesome and nutritious food.

“Simple navy bean soup is one of the best foods that we can eat.”  Hon. Elijah Muhammad, from, How to Eat to Live

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