The Sixth Sense

ASA, Brother Siyad Islam

Thanks for the Imam’s comments.

I recall someone asking Imam Mohammed which of the Four Main Schools of Thought he belonged to, he replied: ” The best of them all”

To have a new school of fiqh; law here in the New World would make five main schools of thought, among those who follow the sun-nah of Prophet Muhammad.

Imam W Deen Mohammed also taught us that the sixth sense is a combination of all of the five senses or the intuitive or spiritual nature in human life (The all seeing eye,; the soul)

All knowledge is perceived through the five senses, the sixth sense puts one in touch with their intuitive or spiritual nature, if you are blessed and guided by G-d. (“Deep Thinking”) This has been the problem for the Muslim world in the pass, “shallow thinking”

Imam W Deen Mohammed also taught us to follow the logic to it’s conclusion. With that, the sixth sense has already been established in the New World of America, as a new light, blessed by G-d for the establishment of a true Islamic community for the World. In the language of Imam Mohammed, understood from the deepness of the soul and G-d’s guidance. And by the example of this light raising the dead in America. Praise be to G-d.

Peace, John Nashid


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