Race Profiling in Business

How do you handle the serious problem of racial profiling in the American market place? Simple, don’t shop there.

Let “Black Friday” go down in history as a day when black folks refused to shop in stores that discriminate against them.

It is only a fool who would spend their hard earned cash, with people who disrespect them. Stupid is a person who repeats the same act over and over, knowing that it’s wrong.

An independent people is a people which provides for all of their own needs, a people who refuse to except the crumbs from another peoples table when they have the same ability to do the same for themselves; a dignified people.

A designer garment should be a quality garment that you designed and embroidered with your name or the name of those who think like you, if that kind of thing is important to you. (Grace Line)

With G-ds Name,

If you are oppressed in one part of the world, move (move away from oppression)….For oppression is worst than slaughter. (Qur’an)

To be oppressed is to be kept down by unjust use of authority and robbed of your human dignity. “Do for self”.                     John Nashid   11/14/13

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