“Sub human”, Mr Ted Nugent?

“Sub human”, Mr. Ted Nugent?

John Nashid

Feb. 23, 2014

Just about the time when you would think a people have reached their all time low for bringing insults against Black, African Americans people, they have sunk about as low as they can go, by calling President Obama; the President of the whole USA, a derogatory term which recalls to mind the racist KKK and the very painful time in the history of Black Negro Chattel Slaves during slavery and during the Jim Crow period. “A Sub Human Mongrel”: (a dog with parents of different breeds); Webster Dictionary. Mr. Nugent is not only referring to President Obama as not being human but all people of color in America, like Hitler referred to the Jews in Europe, to justify the savage inhuman treatment they inflicted on them.

American’s who represent some type of what they call leadership are always playing politics, trying to get the upper hand and the control of America’s resources, instead of working to benefit all of America’s people. All leaders are servants of the people and when the people are silent, they do as they will. That’s why today we have the 1% controlling the 99% of the population.

Personally, as an American citizen and a Blackman in am very offended by Mr. Nugent’s remarks and even more offended by his apology, or lack of an apology to President Obama. Love him or hate him, he is still the President of the USA, the first African American, half Black and half White, which is the true make up of America today. As a matter of fact, America needs more color, more flavor in its decision making body. If your claims are true; that this is a nation for all people, a nation of freedom, justice and equality for its entire people then your words are written well, but your actions prove them to be no more that deceit.

History shows us that Hitler and his Nazi Party, during WWII in Europe and the so call Christian Klu Klux Klan in racist America and those that think like them today, are the true sub humans, those whose desire is to preserve their way of thinking at the expense of others. Any person who fails to speak out against bigotry and have no desire to put the bigots down when they speak out, is one of them, silence is acceptance.

Where are the voice of those who represent the people; the political leaders, the religious leaders, the union leaders, the community leaders whose voices should ring out in society as one voice, for one common concern?

In order for our county to survive as a society that the fore fathers envisioned, we must never allow bigots to speak out freely without a major response from the entire population. We know we have much diversity in America and we do criticize and offend each other at times, but outright disrespect should never be accepted. Some people may think that Black People should always be at the bottom of society, did you not think that Black People would never stand up and represent themselves in a dignified manner, if you didn’t then this shows that you are truly made of the dust of the field, waiting for the winds to blow you back into yesterday. God bless the good of America and the good people of the world.

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