Paul Ryan: “A tailspin of culture” inner-city men

Paul Ryan’s statement about “A tailspin of culture” in our inner-cities; men not working and producting generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of work”, are real……. but let’s be very clear, “you can never raise a slave in his slave masters house”, it don’t work, he must be free.What do you expect ? The conditions for the slaves livelyhood is always dictated by the master or the masters children, the master will never create compitition for himself. What the Black; African American man needs most is a new focus, a new vision, a New Mind, a new way of thinking to benefit himself and family within America society, not hand-outs and pre-determined conditions. The most dignified man is a free man who provides for his own family and his community in the most honorable way and puts his complete trust in God alone, not man.

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