“NOAH”-Understanding the Symbolism

(If you have seen the movie “Noah”, understand the symbolism.)

“Noah” – Understanding the Symbolism (Circumcising the Mind)

By Imam W.D. Mohammed

The Bible says, “That as it was in the day of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” Now we are always interpreting scripture. Those people in that day, they were interpreting and we have been interpreting until now. A preacher right now, somewhere on this earth, his is trying to interpret that. Right now!
…G-d also says, He would never destroy the whole world again, with a flood. Is that right? Yes. Jesus didn’t come with a flood, according to the scripture. John says the one who comes after me will baptize you in fire; in fire. The one who comes after me will baptize you in fire. But Jesus himself accepted to be baptized in the water of John the Baptist. Is that right?
Now let us go to the Qur’an again. John the Baptist before he was born, a sign was given, and I believe the sign that was given was that no word was to be spoken, except in signs. No plain language was to be given. Only signs. Ilaa raamza which means except with a symbol. Symbolic, allegorical, parable, symbolic parable, but not hitting directly to the meaning. Using signs that was the sign of his birth. Right?
So what does John the Baptist represent? Clouds! Why Jesus had to come? Because G-d doesn’t want clouds, He wants sunshine, and moonlight. He wants our common life to be lit up with understanding, and He wants our spiritual questions to be answered. But Jesus couldn’t come except out of the clouds. So he had to come out of the water of John the Baptist, which represents clouds. But clouds that John the Baptist had condensed. For John the Baptist, they were no more blocking the light. He had condensed some of those clouds and had water, and that water was holy water!
Because he had extracted it from the clouds of mystery, and the clouds of symbols that darkened the sky, that keep the light of truth from coming to us. John the Baptist, he got some of the essence of it, and they called his group the Essences. He was blessed with some of the essence of those symbols.
He didn’t have enough knowledge to do the job, but he knew the time was out for those that were doing the job! He said repent! The time is at hand. Is that right? Oh yes. You’re going to get your first circumcision today, insha Allah, that is G-d willing.
The sign that Jesus was the one was the dove that came down and lighted on his shoulder. And it says in the scripture, and the world shall be upon his shoulder. Now if you want to understand what kind of world it is, go back to the symbol the dove.
The dove is a loving animal. He’s like the love bird. He’s full of love. And this dove was a white dove. Purity and love shall be on Christ’s shoulder. Purity and love shall be on Christ’s shoulder to establish that in the world. But he shall baptize the world with fire. What is the good meaning now? We know according to the principles of interpretation used by Jews, Christians and Muslims, that every verse has an explicit and implicit application. Not only the verses of revelation, but Prophet Muhammad the peace and blessings be upon him, said even his Hadith, even his own sayings, had an understood meaning and a hidden meaning.
Now let us see. I’m almost about ready to shout now. The wound is healing up.
He said, John the Baptist said, that is, “The one coming after me will baptize you in fire.” Among the learned people in the Church, what is the common meaning? What is the express meaning? It means that he will baptize them in human passions. He is going to set afire the human passions. Passions of love for each other. The world shall be made hot with the fire of human passions, the fire of love.
What satan shows, is that which should be hid. What he hides is what should be shown.
Jesus didn’t come to excite nobody’s passions and set the world afire with passions. That’s satan’s story.
Jesus came to light the world with understanding on the mysteries of life. The mystery of human life and the mystery of revelation. He came to shine the light so that the world would understand that. But satan took it and changed his fire from heavenly fire to earthly fire and made him a sign of passion.
And they say that he came of blood and water, and they interpret it, passion and spirit. Passion and spirit. No. That is the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ come exciting passion and spirit with no understanding. He deny the world understanding and just blow with the bellow the fires of their passions and their superstition.
Study the Bible. Superstition comes heavy in the New Testament. Superstition is light in the Old Testament. There is a Prophet, I believe, Samuel, I believe. The witch called him up from his grave to speak with her concerning trouble that Saul had. Saul, Saul, Old Testament Saul. King Saul.
But look at the New Testament. It gets real heavy with superstition. Spookism. People having fits and falling out. Seeing demons and demons coming out of them. It turns into an exodus with the split pea soup and everything. Not exodus. Exorcist. An exorcist. And an exodus too. Exit you clean on out of reality.
The New Testament gives that exorcist kind of spookism. One person didn’t come up with all their money for the tithe. What they call it the tithe? The bucket. And it was revealed that they had hid some of it. They didn’t bring it all. The earth that they were on started shaking. Earth started shaking. All kind of weird things started happening.
When the waters of the great flood had subsided, the boat rested and according to the scripture, Noah waited until the wind had finished driving the waters back to their places. Then he came out with his company, his children and his animals, is that right? And re-populated the world.
The sign that the world was ready to be re-populated was the dove. That right? The dove returned. The dove was not killed, the dove was saved. That was a sign that the world was ready to be re-populated. The sign of the dove alighting on Jesus’ shoulder is a sign that this same scheme is in the process again. Same scheme. What is the scheme?
Noah was laughed at by one of his sons. Why? Because he said he saw him in his nakedness and his drunkenness and he laughed at him. Is that right?
Ok, if Noah was naked and drunk, what does that tell us? He had no culture. Naked means without culture. I am not going to argue with you. I don’t have the time. I’ve got too much symbolism to work on. Nakedness means without culture. Drunk means, with an exaggerated, overdone spiritualism. Superstition makes us drunk, spiritually drunk.
Superstitious people are spiritually drunk people. So it means that the society the world started from, its very primitive level, had to go back to it very primitive levelsuperstition and no culture.
That is all that it means. And it started back again. The dove coming down on Jesus’ shoulder, what is this telling us? That satan is going to regress the world. He is going to retard the world. He is going to bring the civilize nations back again to primitive superstition, and the world is going to be naked of civilize culture. This is not the Christ you see coming in the New Testament. The real Christ is hid. The Anti-Christ is given to you boldly and you can’t see that damn devil because they have put something between your vision.
“Oh I love Jesus.” You don’t know Jesus. And is that in the Scripture? Yes it is. It says, “I was in the world and the world knew me not.” It didn’t say to, except Peter. It says, “I was in the world and the world knew me not.” It didn’t say, “Except my followers.” It didn’t say except Paul or John or any of the rest.
And forget about the latter book, the one that replace Jesus with James, and replace and replace big John with a small John. They are sons of piss. And you understood me. I said, sons of piss. Urine. “Oh man, you have a terrible mouth.”
Well let me tell you what the Bible says. “There sets a degenerated people on the wall of their cities, eating dung mixed with barley cake and drinking their own piss,” and I gave it to you as the Bible gives it. So if I sound obscene to you, go read your obscene pornographic scripture again.
And preacher, if you insist, I will take you to the Bible and show you in the Bible that James and John are the sons of piss. I didn’t say it, but the Bible says it. But it is said so boldly that you can’t see it.
Let us look at the eighth day. All of us have been taught that this world is on time. And that the world is to last seven thousand years and no longer. Isn’t that what the church taught us? Yes. So what is the eighth day?
The eighth day is the beginning of a new world, not a new earth in the physical sense, but a new heaven and earth in the spiritual sense or in the religious sense. We are told that, that will come and that, that comes on the eighth day.
We are also told that there was a certain descendant of Adam who was so great, so righteous and so great, so blessed by G-d that his light was lit for eight days. The candle, the light or whatever kind of light it was stayed lit for eight days, which means he outlived, he lived through the trials and tribulations, the secrecy and the wickedness of the scheme of the Jahcubites to see the beginning of the new world order. We are also told the Jesus himself was circumcised. Circumcised on the eighth day. On the eight day.
Why does Jesus have to be circumcised? Well we might ask the earlier question, why does he have to be baptized? The Bible says he also was sanctified. So why was he sanctified, baptized, circumcised? Why did god have to have all of this done to him when he was born, conceived and born immaculately?
He was supposed to have been born without our human infirmities, without our human imperfections. He was supposed to have been born a perfect being. Why does a perfect being have to have a circumcision and then a baptism and then a sanctifying? This is not an individual that the Bible is taking about. It’s the whole human family that the Bible is talking about. The Book says, both books, that Jesus is a sign. He is a sign. And we’ve been thinking that that was an individual.
And many of us now hear this crap on the TV about the finding of some shroud. Shroud yea. It’s a shroud alright. You ever heard, “It is shrouded in mystery?” You ever hear that expression. Well that’s the shroud they’re talking about. Got people going to Turin, I think the city is called. Spending their money, enriching that little town and its communist mayor because they are ignorant. The devil has the foreskin pulled over their eyes.
Let us go to something that may seem to you like a complete deviation from our course. They put out a movie called “The Mummy and the Mummy’s Tomb.” And that Mummy was brought back to life by the aroma from a certain kind of leaf, mystic leaves. It was possible to revive him after thousands of years of being dead, bring him back animated, walking around on earth without his mummy wraps. And the New Testament says that a sign that Jesus had rose was that the wrap was taken off his head. And they saw the wrap laying down so they knew that he had got up and gone. Well that is a little bit for the mummy, and we’ll go on now to something else.
So to understand the new generation or the new world that is going to be built by this so-called Christ, let us again go to the Noah story and his boat filled with animals, two and two. Every animal had its mate. And right away, the untrained reader he thinks that, yes he had to have his mate in order to continue his species.” So the lion had his lioness. The dog his mate. The cow his mate, every animal. Can you imagine a boat?
Now mind you, science says that the species have been decreasing. The species have been diminishing. There were more species before than now. The animal kingdom is dying and the human kingdom is flourishing. I wonder what size boat that man was, not the size they say in the book. His boat must have been made in the universe. There wouldn’t be no space for all those animals. What kind of boat? The whole sea would have to taken by his boat. Right. Yes! If he got an animal and a mate from all of the animals on the earth, I don’t know how they could be held in that boat. And I wonder what kind of cleaning method he had? We get a little bird and we have a fit sometime.
No, this story is telling us this, that this new scheme would be designed to fire up passions. What kind of passions? Sex passions. That’s why the mates are given, male and female to let you know that this was a passionate, sexual passions, sexual fires that are going to be built up. Every animal with his female mate. You can imagine what kind of orgy they had on the boat. Bad weather and an orgasmic trip I’m telling you. And that’s exactly the trip you have been on.
Look what this Western world has come too. Everything is sex. Sex, sex, sex, sex has become such a strong influence in the lives of the people that the wife now doesn’t care if the husband plays on her. She accepts it. The average wife now accepts that her husband plays on her. In fact some of them say, let’s make a duo, a trio, a quattro, they don’t care, an octo. Have reduced you to your base instincts. Have reduced your intelligence to the very base instincts. Brought you down lower than the animal. You are not a free animal, you’re an animal in an ark with black pitch sealing out nature so your nature can’t even come into the ark.
The water is your human nature. And they didn’t want any human nature coming into that ark. They didn’t want any knowledge of nature coming into that ark so they sealed it with black pitch to keep out the water. It was a dry trip. Nothing but fire of base animal passion.
Can’t you see that what they told you in the Book was only their blueprint for what they were going to bring you to? And you read of it thinking that it was something that happened yesterday, and it was a plan for today.
They say, “Oh, they found a boat. That’s Noah’s boat on Mt. Ararat.” That stinking skunk. He’ll go and make one and work on it like he worked on the shroud, treat it with chemical and make it look old and find it and bring it to you and say, “This is Noah’s boat that we discovered.” Run that bastard off the planet!



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