Proper Education: The Reality of G-d

Proper Education: The Reality of G-d (With G-d’s Name)
John Nashid

Why was the civil rights movement towards integration so important at that time in our history? A history of inequality on every level in America, a time when “Blacks” were considered to be inferior servants who lost the knowledge of themselves, family and culture, their home land and the movement was calling for integration with their oppressors, this was hard for me to understand then as well as now. Integration or the mixing of races in a normal situation is a good thing, that’s how G-d created us, as one human family, to learn to know and love one another not to despise one another. This is good when every one have been elevated to the same playing field, the same dignity, the same respect as humans.
One of the biggest problems “Black” people are experiencing today is the lack of self worth, brought on by lack of proper education, an education designed for the leadership of “master” and the servant, to serve the “master”. To any other free-minded people this is a bit strange, the question they would more that likely ask is, why didn’t these poor, uneducated, self hating, freed slaves try to first find a way to education themselves, unify themselves, pool their resources to benefit themselves and establish a New Africa community in America, self governed to benefit a broken people. I do believe that if we has tried hard to establish ourselves G-d would have given us help, not in the educational system, not from the Bible of which we didn’t understand as a book to set us free but a book that was taught to us to give us a since of inferiority: the Black Ham in the Bible, serving the children of a white man god, but G-d would return to us The Book that would set us free; The Holy Qur’an. the book that guided our lives in our mother land where we lived the life of the Qur’an in Africa before we were stolen and sold into misery. The Holy Qur’an is a universal book from the One G-d for the benefit of all mankind, a book of freedom, justice and equality for all, a book to give true guidance to human life. The government have failed, religion have failed, public education have failed to establish proper education to respect the oneness of G-d’s total human creation. After all have failed I suggest giving G-d’s word,The Holy Qur’an a chance. G-d says in Qur’an: “This is The Book in it is guidance sure without doubt to those who are regard-full of G-d. Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the line of Prophets from Prophet Adam, a model human being who lived the life of G-d’s word on earth, a model for all to emulate. Proper education (reality) is a requirement for all human beings. “Think, for thinking benefits the thinker”. Today G-d has given us the Holy Qur’an in America, “READ”.



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