Sodom & Gomorrah Destroyed by Brimstone and Fire

Sodom & Gomorrah Destroyed by Brimstone and Fire – Connected to The Sexual Urge: The Possibilities for Human Nature
By: Imam W Deen Mohammed

The Sacred Qur’an
86:6. Man was created of a gushing fluid,
86:7. Emanating from between the loins and the ribs.

Forty Hadith #25
“…and in a man’s intimate relations with his wife is charity.”

The Sacred Qur’an
11:82. When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer,-

The Holy Bible
Genesis 19:24. Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;

Now, sexual intercourse what is sexual intercourse? An urge. You have the urge, then you go and you make urges ‑ ‘Uh Uh Uh! That’s urges. ‘Uh Uh Uh Uh!’ Right? Urges. Under the urge what happens? Spontaneous bursts, right? The burst is spontaneous, you don’t know when it’s going to burst, right, it’s spontaneous. And from the first spontaneous burst what happens? It rests itself in the dark, right? It rests itself in the dark and becomes a clot. Goes from water to blood, right? Goes from water to blood, after it rests. “But those of them who did wrong changed the word which had been told them for.”

Now, in order to understand fire and brimstone, we have to know what concepts were in the minds of the man when he said G-d is telling you this through this concept. After all the concepts are ours taken from that kind of reality or his external world, right?

So where is this expression now, where is this concept? In the external world. We know, by me being a welder I used to have to make … take lead, heat lead and pour the skimming off, skim off the impurities and use the pure lead for what you want. So that’s the brim. The impurities on top of the brim. Now when you make the metals, refined metals, especially in a mold, on the top, the mold when it cools it makes a brim. And all the time it doesn’t gel or solidify all over, it just solidifies around the edges. So what you have is a brim. And if you take that brim up, you’ve got like the brim of a hat. Right ‑ you’ve got like the brim of a hat. That’s called brimstone ‑ that’s ancient terms for that, brimstone, that’s what they called it. It means the impurities, the brimstone, and the impurities. That’s why right now; they frown on people that wear hats like I wore. But I don’t go for the symbolism; I have a nice hat I wear it and I don’t care what they’re thinking. I don’t get into that symbolism. I’m free! A hat is a hat to me not a meaning!

So it says, “We will rain brimstone down on you…” Now, where does man get this first … where is this concept now raining brimstone down on you’? We know the blacksmith or the sheet metal workers don’t have brimstone raining down on them. Where is that concept? In the mountain, the volcano.

The volcano heat down there developed the urge ‑ urge and developing urge, right? And it comes time, it just gets so much pressure down there and it can’t stay down there anymore and it breaks through the earth. And it comes up through the mountain, right? It comes up through the mountain, and when it comes up it just explodes like Mt. Helen.

Mt. Helen is a play on hell. They have the symbol of the 60’s the hell that broke loose in the 60’s. In their schools, believe me, in their secret schools and I haven’t talked to none of them, haven’t heard a word they say.

But didn’t G-d say He make a teacher as a witness? So we didn’t have to go to be a witness! So the mountain blows its top, right? It blows its top, the top is knocked off.

Now that isn’t brim, it blew its top first that’s Peter, blows his top first, he blew his top. And then he’s G-d’s man, he’s supposed to be the next G-d, he inherited Jesus’ office he’s G-d. So he blew his top now this is my own description now. He blew his top. Now after blowing his top, what happens?
The mountain is up in the cool regions it’s going to cool, right, they don’t stay hot, it’s going to cool and when it cools … they say, “Until hell freezes over…” So when it cools what happens? Now we have brim! Before we didn’t have brim. If that was the first time they had an explosion from that earth, then it wasn’t no brim at first, it was just the top of the mountain that was the natural stone that they naturally formed. Okay, but once we have a volcano, once we have an explosion come up through the mountain.
Why does it have a tendency to come up through the mountain rather than other places? Because at the mountain’s point is a greatest pressure. Government is where you find people under the greatest pressure. So at the mountain’s point is the greatest pressure I’m showing you where these things are scientifically related ‑ the mountain is the greatest pressure because the greatest weight the earth is mounted up the highest there, it’s hoarded there. So that’s where the greatest pressure is. So the inside urge rebels against that, the natural urge. It rebels against it and fire shoots up ‑ anger, resentment. “BBOOOOMM!” But when it happens it blows the top. See this is not the way G-d brings it, this is the way it comes in the society, the national society on the 15th of March “BBOOOOMM!” And it blows the top off, right. It blows the top and then settles and cools after a while. After it lets off its steam, it lets off its pressure, it settles and cools and a brim comes over it, the molten rock forms a brim.

Now, the brim is not the original form, is it? It’s impure, isn’t it? It’s mostly impurities that have rested up there on top of the liquid fire. The impurities have settled like they do in metal works. Now, instead of the natural cap being on there, it’s called head too. Look up the word cap and it means head. Instead of the natural cap being on there, now it’s the head of impurities. We say when liquid forms something on top; we say it came to a head, right? The head of the beer, the beer foam that’s the head of the beer.
So you can understand what it means by cap. So it blew the cap off. And blowing the cap off now what falls down in the valley? Impurities. What did the earth throw up? Purities. The first time it threw up it threw up purities. But the second time it throws up because the impurities solidify when they cool on the top of the head of the mountain, the next time it throws up it throws out impurities, right? Yes.
So Jesus Christ, the urge, purity. Now don’t think this isn’t in Mythology what I’m telling you. This is in Greek Mythology. In Greek Mythology, Perseus is synonymous with [Christ] urge ‑ Perseus, persevere, Perseus. The way that Perseus came into his great role, something had to happen in this particular connection. The horse upon which he rode was on the mountain. And he clicked his heels on the mountain and made fire. And when he made fire, he took off in the air as a flying horse. That was Perseus’ horse that gave him the traveling superiority over his contenders, right?

So look, when the fire and brimstone you’re going to read that in Bible, you’re going to read that in Quran. “And He rained fire and brimstone on them…” Well you should go to the Imam. If G-d has blessed your Imam to know then all know, shouldn’t they? We should be able to teach it so we can get the respect we deserve.

So it says, “He rained upon them fire and brimstone…” So the fire and brimstone then is the second urge.

The first urge … what did Jesus say? Jesus said, “I was before the world…”, isn’t that what he said? He was before the world. So that means the original urge, the innate urge which is before the world of man’s [feelings). The innate urge was here before man’s learning, that’s all it means. Learning is the world; innate urge is the urge in the intellect before the learning process.

So he said, “I was before the world…” So understand that the first was the burst ‑ burst of intellect. So you have the rain of fire and brimstone after the first explosion. The first explosion rains down what was on top of the mountain, right? Whatever’s up there blows off and brings it down here. Then it pours out the pure, purity, not impure, it pours out the purity of the mountain. After the purities come out and settle, it shows you the impurity, it reveals or shows you the impurities, right?

Now when the fire and brimstone comes down, that’s to tell you that what is coming down is not the original form, the natural form of the mountain; what is coming down is impurity. And the brimstones hit you, meaning striking you, it means the impurities striking your mind.

The earth is symbolic also of your mind. It falls off the mountain on your mind, gold mine, and coalmines, all in the earth. That’s to tell you that earth is also symbolic of mind. So the impurities fall upon the mind right? Then the torturing things, even the purities torture, right? That’s where they get the idea that purity shall torture them. Yes.

When you have corrupt ideas, purity burns you. See when corruption is thrown out with purity, then the purity burns! Yes. And the impurities, they just deform, right, they deform. But the purities burn and deform both ‑ the fire, pardon me, burns and deforms; while the impurities won’t burn but they will deform when they are cool, when they are set like brimstone.
So this is what it means, it means that the urge in man to know becomes akin to the spirit of permissiveness in him. When the spirit becomes one of freewill in the sense of carefree, carefree thoughts, carefree attitudes, where you don’t care about nobody, you don’t care; you just selfishly pursue these things.

So the urge in you, this creative urge in you, or this mission, powerful mission in you, it throws out then – not that that will help the earth, because we know also that, what? Precious metals are revealed from volcanoes. Maybe learn about the nature, the composition of the earth, right? All of this science caused from the volcano, you see? And when it cools he goes back to it and he gets a wealth of knowledge, right?

But if fire and brimstone hit you, it means you won’t get the treasures. The treasures are not hitting you; it’s only the fire. You’re getting the running form, the explosive form. And what you’ re getting as solid is not the real rock and, you’re getting the cap; for when it blows the next time, it doesn’t blow rocks off, it blows and that’s impurity. It blows the impure cap off. So what you get is the impurities not the rock up there. Maybe that’s precious rock up there, you see. But you don’t get that, you get the brimstone, the impurities and you get the punishment of the purities, the fire.

So if we understand this brother, it’s talking about the possibilities for human nature, isn’t it? That’s all it’s talking about, the possibilities for human nature. If your nature and your attitude are formed rightly, then you get the good results of the possibilities in your human nature. But when your attitudes are formed wrongly, you get the bad results of this; it is destruction, torment, deformed.

So that should be clear. So you know what happens now when we change the word. The word of G-d is to keep us in touch with the reality, keep us from being selfish, keep us from being self-seeking, keep us from thinking of ourselves as divines. The word of G-d is to keep us in touch with the universal scheme, the universal theme, the universal Will! G-d’s Will is expressed in the universe, you see? That’s what it’s for. And as long as we stay with the Word, we’re safe. But once we go from the Word and take something that’s other than the Word or take the Word out of its place, then we are subject to be punished by brimstone.

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